If you were injured at work, you may be eligible to receive medical care at no cost to you and partial compensation for lost wages during your recovery. However, to receive these benefits, you must first be approved. Here’s a look at workers’ comp and how preexisting conditions can impact your case. 

Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits After Being Injured 

Workers’ comp is designed to help people recover after being hurt on the job. Medical expenses, including hospitalization, surgery, and physical therapy are generally covered. Employees should also be paid 66 ⅔ percent of their average weekly wage, inclusive of bonuses and/or commissions while they are unable to work due to their injury. However, many people are denied these benefits for a variety of reasons, one of which is a preexisting condition. 

What If You Had a Preexisting Condition? 

One of the first things that a workers’ compensation insurance company will establish is that you had no preexisting conditions in the area of your injury. If you did, chances are that your claim will be denied on the allegation that your complaints are the result of your established medical condition. 

However, claims that involve the worsening of a preexisting condition due to a work injury are equally as valid as those that involve original injuries. 

How to Prove the Worsening of a Preexisting Condition by Your Job 

Medical records are key in any workers’ compensation case, but this is particularly true in cases where the injured victim experienced the worsening of a preexisting condition as a result of work performed for their job. 

The established condition should be well-documented in the victim’s medical records, as well as how and why the work performed on the job caused or contributed to the worsening of the condition. Working with a physician that understands the importance of connecting the victim’s injuries to the job and is able to include that information in your medical records is of the utmost importance. 

Without adequate evidence from a medical expert that your injury or conditions were worsened by your job, you may have a more difficult time obtaining the benefits you need. 

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