Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to help

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to help Florida workers. who were injured on the job recover their medical expenses a portion of their pay while healing after a work-related accident? This is usually the case regardless of fault, with a few exceptions. Here’s what you should know. 

Employer Responsibilities 

Your employer has a responsibility to provide you with adequate training, safe equipment, and a hazard-free work environment. If you make an error on the job that results in your injury, such as failing to properly complete a safety check, this should not impact your ability to receive workers’ compensation. 

Employee Responsibilities 

Employees also have responsibilities when they come to work, beyond those of their specific job. You are expected to arrive at work sober and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and to maintain professional conduct throughout the day. 

Even if your employer hasn’t specifically set forth any policies regarding what is and isn’t appropriate conduct at work, for the purposes of a workers’ comp case, a judge will likely compare your actions to what is generally considered reasonable conduct should they come into question. 

When Workers’ Comp Is Denied 

While workers’ compensation is rarely denied in Florida due to a mistake or error that an employee made that led to their injury, it may be denied in certain circumstances that are considered to be the “fault” of the employee. 

For example, if you are drug tested after the incident and were positive for marijuana, your workers’ comp claim may be denied. The same goes for horseplay or other inappropriate conduct at work that resulted in an accident. 

Contact an Experienced Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today 

Were you injured on the job? You may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits to help absorb the costs of being out of work and receiving medical treatment as you recover. If you’ve already filled out a claim and were denied, you may have the option to appeal the decision. It’s important that you reach out to an attorney who can help you navigate the challenges of a workers’ comp case. 

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