Losing Employment During  A Workers’ Comp Claim

The last thing an injured employee on workers’ compensation anticipates is being laid off or fired from their workplace. It’s possible that you were let go in retaliation for filing a workers’ comp claim, which is illegal. Your boss, on the other hand, could have terminated you for issues unrelated to your workers’ compensation case. Budget cuts or unexpected recessions frequently result in layoffs.

Naturally, a major concern is your career, but you may still be worried about the continuation of your workers’ comp coverage. When you’re already receiving payments, will you continue to collect your benefits? Since these cases may be somewhat difficult, consulting with a competent attorney could be a smart decision.

What’s Next If You’re Fired or Laid Off?

If you were getting compensation before you were laid off or terminated, you will most likely continue to get these benefits, because you were injured at work and were granted compensation while still working. It’s not uncommon for benefits to extend well beyond the time of employment for a number of different reasons. 

If you were dismissed for a valid reason, such as for a disciplinary matter, this could result in the loss of your coverage.  If your physician decides that you were completely recovered when you were discharged, your benefits will likely end.  And if you hadn’t been terminated, it’s likely your workers’ comp coverage would have expired.

Your layoff could have occurred as a result of your company closing down or declaring bankruptcy. Your workers’ comp payments should not be affected though, because they are covered by your previous employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier.

Meet With a Qualified Lawyer to Discuss Potential Legal Remedies

When you or a loved one has been injured at work and has been refused workers’ compensation insurance, you may potentially be entitled to file an appeal with the assistance of a skilled legal advocate. To find out whether you are entitled to workers’ comp coverage, contact our agency today for a free consultation. Call experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney Marshall Adler today for a consultation at 407-648-5523. 

After your no-cost consultation, there is no obligation to recruit our practice to represent your claim, so there’s no risk to you to reach out to us. We only get paid if we get your claim approved for workers’ comp coverage. Don’t wait; get the help you need today after a devastating work-related accident.