What You Should Not Say During Your Workers’ Comp Case

If you were hurt on the job and are pursuing workers’ compensation benefits to cover lost wages and medical care, what you say has a bearing on how seriously your case is taken and if authorities handling your case believe you. 


Here are some things you don’t want to say and how to get legal help following an on-the-job accident. 

That Your Injuries or Symptoms Are Worse (Or Better) Than They Really Are 


Don’t exaggerate your symptoms; workers’ compensation insurance adjusters are specifically trained to identify when someone may be overselling their symptoms in an effort to sway the decisions of the people handling their claim. 


Similarly, you don’t want to undersell your symptoms either. Be as accurate as possible in your reporting and if you don’t remember something, it’s okay to say “I don’t remember.” 

That You Obtained Your Injury In Any Other Way Than What Actually Occurred 


If how you obtained your injury seems silly or paints you in a negative light, you may be tempted to alter the story a bit or suggest that your injury was caused by something else. 


It’s critical that you don’t do this; it could cause your case to be dismissed outright if you are caught fabricating how your injury occured. This is true even if you can prove that you were indeed injured; you may still be denied benefits if you lie about how it happened. 

That Your Employer Was Negligent or Caused Your Injuries 


While this may be true, it’s critical that you don’t say anything to anyone about your employer for at least the duration of your workers’ compensation case. Even simply talking poorly about your employer can result in your claim being taken less seriously. 

Instead, Call a Seasoned Orlando Workers’ Comp Lawyer 


It’s crucial that you don’t hesitate to take action immediately following a work injury to contact an experienced Orlando workers compensation attorney. Once you hire a lawyer, your lawyer will act as a middleman between you and your employer and/or the insurance company. 


This helps take the pressure off of you to recount your story over and over again, and provides you with a layer of legal protection if your employer attempts to deny your account or blames you for the incident. 

Call For Help With Your Orlando Workers’ Comp Case

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