After a work injury, you’ll need to fill out an application for workers’ compensation benefits to get help with your medical expenses and lost wages. Here’s what you should include in your application and how to get legal help pursuing the benefits you need to recover after an accident. 

When and Where the Accident Happened  

Include information about where the accident happened and when it occurred. Go into specifics; instead of naming only your workplace, describe where in the workplace your accident occurred. What part of the building were you injured in and what was going on at the time? What time was it and what normally happens at work during this time? 

The Nature of the Accident  

Go into as much detail as possible of the nature and scope of the accident and your injuries. Was your company being negligent at the time? Were you overworked and not allowed appropriate breaks as required by law? Or did another employee make a mistake that resulted in your injury?

Don’t be afraid to use strong language here and avoid sanitizing your account of what happened. This can be difficult for work injury victims, but it’s important that you describe exactly what occurred and how you’ve suffered as a result without mincing words. 

If Any Company Policies Were Being Violated at the Time 

Many employers attempt to blame employees for accidents that occur on the job, citing their own negligence or carelessness. If company policies designed to protect you from injuries weren’t being enforced or were being violated at the time of your accident, this is critical information you should include in your workers’ compensation application. 

What Your Job Responsibilities Are 

A workers’ compensation claim becomes more complicated if you were injured performing a task that you weren’t originally hired to do or that you don’t have the qualifications for. Be sure to attach a description of your job responsibilities to your application and note whether or not the task you were working on at the time of your accident was within the scope of your job responsibilities. 

Get Help With Your Workers’ Comp Application Today 

If you were hurt on the job, you may be eligible for medical benefits and financial compensation under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Marshall Adler is an experienced Florida workers’ comp lawyer and can help you fill out your application and file for the benefits you deserve after a work-related accident. Call now for your consultation at 407-648-5523.