Many employees who have been hurt on the job are pressured by their employers to return to work as quickly as possible. However, your physician may not agree and they’re the ones who call the shots when determining if it’s safe or not for you to go back to work. If it is, they also determine if you need any special accommodations for a period of time. 

If your employer is pressuring you or even threatening you to come back to work before your medical doctor has given you the green light, here’s what you should do.

Provide All Medical Records to Your Employer 

Make sure your employer receives copies of all your medical records. The workers’ compensation insurance company should do this for you, once your medical care team sends the information to them. 

If you’re unsure if your employer is actually receiving your medical records, you can ask your physicians for copies and deliver them directly to your supervisor’s desk. Your medical documents should clearly illustrate why you are unable to safely return to work and will ideally quell any continued disagreement from your employer. 

Ask Your Physician to Speak to Your Company 

In some cases, all it takes to help your employer understand where you’re really coming from and the injuries you sustained at work is a conversation with your doctor. Although physicians are quite busy and may not have a lot of extra time, if your employer is giving you a lot of grief about returning to work, your doctor may be willing to put in a call. 

Ask your physician to send an email or call your employer to let them know in no uncertain terms why you aren’t yet unable to work at full capacity. 

Contact a Seasoned Orlando, Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer For Help Today 

Don’t wait to get experienced legal help when you’ve been hurt in a workplace accident, particularly if your employer is putting the pressure on for you to get back on the job as soon as you can. If your employer disregards your doctor’s instructions and doesn’t seem to care whether or not you’re appropriately fit to return to work, you may have a legal claim against them. 

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