Suspicion Of Faked Workers’ Comp Injuries

If you suspect the doctor treating your work injury may think you weren’t really injured at work, this can come as quite the blow. Your doctor is supposed to be helping you get better, and that can’t happen if they aren’t taking you seriously. Here’s what you can do. 

Ask for Clarity From Your Doctor 

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for clarity. It may feel awkward to put them on the spot, but remember that your doctor is working for you. They may be paid by workers’ compensation, but it is so they can treat you. 

Ask for clarification if the doctor says something you aren’t sure about, like “most workers’ comp cases don’t want to get better” or “your condition may not improve until your benefits run out.” Ask them what they mean by phrases like “your injury wasn’t that bad” or similar. 

Contact Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company 

If you’re fairly certain your doctor is biased against you, the next step is to contact your workers’ comp insurance carrier. Let them know what transpired and that you’d like to be assigned to a new doctor. This should not be an issue and most workers’ comp insurance providers are accustomed to granting a request to see a different doctor. 

Get a Second Opinion 

Avoid telling the second doctor much about what the first doctor diagnosed you with or said regarding your injury; the idea is that you want a new doctor to look at your injury and what happened with a “fresh” set of eyes. 

Also, some doctors will not want to contradict other doctors or get involved in a messy workers’ comp case. If the physician you’re seeing for a second opinion knows ahead of time what the previous doctor said, they may be hesitant to explore further, especially if an initial examination seems to line up with your earlier diagnosis. 

Contact a Florida Workers’ Comp Lawyer 

If you were injured at work and are being treated inadequately by your workers’ comp physician, you may need an attorney to intervene. Typically, workers’ comp insurers rely on what the doctors tell them about the patient without much question, except in cases of very obvious mistreatment. A lawyer can help ensure you are seeing the right doctors and obtaining the right treatment from professionals who take you seriously. Call experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney Marshall Adler today for a consultation at 407-648-5523.