Hurt Or Injured At Work?

If you have been hurt or injured at work, you may be able to get benefits for your hospital expenses and decreased income by submitting a workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately, the process can be complex and frustrating, which is why employees filing by themselves often make mistakes. 

These common but critical missteps could result in your application being dismissed or getting less money than you should.

Not Reporting 

If you are injured at work, you must notify your supervisor as soon as possible, and in writing that helps start the important paper trail, you’ll need to have throughout your case. Having a written statement contributes to the impression that this is a critical issue. If you take too long to disclose an accident, you’ll likely have a harder time getting a reimbursement.

Your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier can deny that the injuries happened at work in the workplace or they may try to minimize the seriousness of the injury. This could result in you receiving less compensation than is warranted in your case. It also increases the chances that your claim will be dismissed entirely. 

Avoiding Medical Care 

While you may think you’re not severely injured, often the shock of being in an accident covers up the pain and prevents you from truly feeling how injured you are for a short period of time following the incident. You may be fooled into thinking you’re fine and avoid that check-up at the emergency room to save time. 

However, this is a crucial mistake you can’t afford to make. If you do not seek medical assistance immediately after your accident, you could be communicating that you’re not very badly injured and don’t need medical care. Even if you begin to notice the effects of the work injury after the adrenaline and shock wear off and seek medical care then, the fact that you didn’t seek it exactly after the accident will be twisted and used against you to try to disprove your injuries. 

Not Keeping Records 

Simply put, you should keep a copy of every record, including every email, every communication, every note, and every letter. If you have to appeal a claim denial, which many people have to do on average, these will be important to have. 

Get Help After Being Injured at Work Today 

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