What are the Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits in Florida?

Workers’ comp benefits are significant because they aim to recompense and placate workers in case of losses.  Workers comp benefits are classified into Wages Loss Benefits, Medical Benefits, and Additional Benefits in Florida;

Wages Loss Benefits

Where the injury stops you from working, you can get wages loss benefits. Ordinarily, you might not get paid for the first seven days after disability. However, you will only get paid seven days after disability if the disability persists for 21 days. The payment rate will depend on whether the disability is partial, total, permanent, or temporary.

1. Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

This happens when the injury stops you from working, but there are expectations for you to recuperate from it.  You can obtain a TTD benefit equivalent to 2/3% of your average weekly wage before the accident. TTD can also enable you to have 80% of your salary for like six months after injury.

2. Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)

This benefit is for those who can go back to work but on conditions. You must be making more than 80% of your income before the accident to qualify for TPD. This benefit is 80% of subtracting the amount you earn after the accident from your average weekly wage before the injury.

3. Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

You qualify for PTD when your injury is critical and hinders you from working. You will be able to collect your PTD if you have attained MMI. This benefit can continue till the age of 75 years or death once your employer activates it. Payment will be dependent on the impairment rating report by your doctor.

4. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

This benefit is for those who have permanent disabilities but can still do assigned jobs. Compensation will also depend on impairment rating in PPD.

Medical Benefits

Where your workers’ comp covers your medical expenses, you get relieved from making the payment if you undergo medical treatment due to injury suffered at work. It covers expenses like medications and doctor visits.

Additional Benefits

In death, your surviving family members will have right to a death benefit. But obtaining this is dependent on if you die a year after the accident or five years after a persisting disability. You can receive a funeral allowance of up to $7,500. Aside from death benefits, there are also Vocational Rehabilitation benefits to get specific training.

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