Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance designed to cover the expenses of an injured employee until they recover and are able to return to their previous job or another one. There are three primary types of benefits paid out by workers’ comp insurance companies: 

1. Lost Wages 

Wage benefits through workers’ compensation are designed to replace a portion of your total wages while you are out of work recovering from an injury. Each state has different ways of calculating the amount of wage benefits an employee will receive. 

In Florida, employees typically receive 66 and 2/3 percent of their total pay, inclusive of bonuses, commissions, and other types of pay. The state generally bases the calculation off earned income for the last several months.

2. Medical Expenses 

The cost of treatment for a job-related injury is often covered at 100% by workers’ compensation. This includes emergency transportation, hospital visits, surgery, medications, extended hospital stays, rehabilitation, and other medical expenses that are directly related to the treatment of the injury obtained at work. 

In some cases of very expensive treatment, however, workers’ comp agencies will question the need for the treatment and may obtain an independent medical review to determine if the treatment is indeed necessary.

3. Vocational Rehabilitation 

Once your injury has improved, you may need vocational rehabilitation before you can get back on the job. Workers’ compensation usually covers physical rehabilitation and in some cases, may cover mental rehabilitation if there is enough evidence that your mental state has been significantly impacted by the incident. 

If you are only able to return to work at partial capacity as you continue to improve, workers’ comp may pay some benefits to help make up the difference until you are able to work full time. They may also cover vocational rehabilitation for another job if you are partially disabled and no longer able to return to your previous job but can do a different type of work if provided with training. 

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