At any point during a workers’ compensation claim, an injured employee may decide to pursue a single, lump sum settlement instead of receiving weekly pay and medical benefits. Often, this is done after an employee reaches Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and is not expected to recover any further. 

Here’s what you should know about accepting a Florida workers’ comp settlement and why obtaining qualified legal assistance is critical. 

What Is a Settlement Offer? 

A workers comp settlement is a one-time payment paid in a lump sum. Instead of receiving checks every week and access to covered medical benefits, the employee receives a single, larger check. After this, the case is considered closed. 

Pros and Cons of Accepting a Workers’ Compensation Settlement 

There are many benefits and caveats to consider before accepting a settlement offer. Know that you can always decline an offer initially and pursue it later, but you cannot do the reverse; once a settlement is accepted, no further action can be taken on the case. 


  • You will receive money quickly, which can be helpful if you’re out of work after being hurt and are struggling to make ends meet. 
  • Your settlement will be tax-free. 
  • A settlement allows you to accept new job offers without compromising your benefits. 


  • If you still have medical issues after accepting your lump-sum payment, you have no other option but to pay for treatment yourself. 
  • You run the risk of being offered a settlement that is too low for the damages you incurred, especially if you haven’t finished treatment before the offer is made. 
  • There is no additional compensation available for pain and suffering incurred as a result of the work accident. 

Don’t Accept a Settlement Without First Talking to an Orlando Workers Comp Attorney 

It’s critical that you do not accept or agree to any settlement offer without first speaking to an experienced Florida workers’ compensation lawyer. Since you can’t undo a settlement agreement, but you can change your mind after receiving weekly benefits and get one later, it’s a very delicate situation to think through. 

Marshall S. Adler understands the dilemma of needing funds now but understanding it could become an issue later. Workers’ comp cases can be complex and difficult to navigate. Attorney Adler can help advocate for the best possible outcome after being injured at work. Call now for your consultation at 407-648-5523.