Since 1981, Marshall S. Adler has been serving businesses and individuals with a wide range of legal services. Sometimes, both commercial and civil disputes do not require a court hearing, but can be handled outside of court with the services of a skilled mediator. With his experience in the field, Marshall S. Adler, P.A., is pleased to offer the services of a mediator to clients throughout Central Florida.

Understanding the Role of a Mediator

If you are facing a civil or commercial dispute that you cannot come to a consensual agreement on, but wish to avoid court, a mediator can help. A mediator does not issue orders, make the decision or even give legal advice. Instead, a mediator helps get to the heart of the issue by asking questions and helping to refine the objectives both parties have. Sometimes, simply seeing the objectives laid out, and therefore the reason behind the demands, can help heated arguments turn into successful resolutions.

A mediator brings an outsider’s opinion and insight into the process. Through mediation, disputing parties can be made to understand the costs of a court battle, and encouraged to see the benefits of reaching an amicable settlement without going to court. Often, simply talking through the matter in an organized and controlled way, overseen by a mediator, will help individuals come to that settlement.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation can provide several benefits in a heated dispute. It’s typically less expensive to hire a mediator than to take the dispute to court. It also may help you arrive at a settlement more quickly, because you will not have to wait on the courts for a court date. Through mediation, have a higher chance of compliance with the terms of the agreement, and the mediator will be able to discuss legal and extra-legal issues while helping the two parties arrive at the terms of the agreement, so the end result is a tailored settlement that fits everyone’s needs well.

Getting Mediation Help in Central Florida

If you have a disagreement that is at a standstill, the right mediation help can be the solution to help you avoid a long, costly court battle. Marshall S. Adler, P.A., has overseen the resolution of many different types of disputes and is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida to work as a mediator. With the help of Marshall S. Adler, you can work through your disagreement, and come to a solution that successfully meets the needs and goals of both parties. Contact Marshall S. Adler, P.A. today to begin the mediation process in Central Florida.