If you get sick due to being exposed to or contracting an illness on the job, your medical care and other benefits may be covered under workers’ compensation insurance. Here’s what you should know about filing a claim for workers’ comp after getting sick on the job and how to get legal help when your case becomes complicated. 

Proving the Illness Was Job-Related 

First and foremost, you must be able to show that the illness you contracted or were exposed to was specifically from your workplace and could not have been contracted elsewhere. If it can be reasonably illustrated that you may have been exposed to the illness at another place, it’s unlikely that you will win your workers’ comp claim. 

For example, mesothelioma is a deadly respiratory illness that can only be contracted from breathing in asbestos particles. This is often traceable back to the workplace and nowhere else, since asbestos has been illegal to use for most purposes since the 70s. However, workers in the railroad, shipyard, construction, and manufacturing industries may still be exposed to this dangerous substance. 

However, with a common illness such as the coronavirus, it may be difficult to prove that you contracted it at work and not somewhere else like the grocery store or a doctor’s office. 

Or, if you work in a high-stress job that has resulted in your developing hypertension, you can be sure that your employer and the workers’ comp insurance agency will argue that you developed high blood pressure from your diet, family history, or another reason unrelated to your job. 

How to Get Help With a Difficult Workers’ Compensation Case 

While you can file for workers’ compensation on your own any time you fall ill or are injured directly because of your job, it may not always be in your best interests to do so. It is in the best interests of your employer and the workers’ comp insurance agency to either deny your claim or provide you as few benefits as possible. 

This means they’re working against you and without an attorney on your side, no one is working for you. 

If you contracted a serious illness at work that has left you and your family without the resources you need, don’t hesitate to get legal help. Contact seasoned Florida workers’ compensation lawyer Marshall Adler today for your initial consultation to discuss your next move by calling 407-648-5523.