Florida Is Growing At A Fast Pace

There is no doubt that companies of every niche are settling, growing and thriving throughout the state of Florida.  Business dealings and operations involve a variety of contributing factors as well as professionals in order to execute goals, contracts, mergers, acquisitions, promotions and more. Often, a conflict will arise during the course of executing aspects of business and all parties assume that they be at a loss as to how to resolve said conflict without litigation.  The latter is where mediation can help.

Business Mediation vs Litigation In Florida


Often parties involved in a business conflict immediately resort to litigation. One party may initiate litigation believing that it is the only way to resolve the issue however, both parties will ultimately suffer. Both parties will ultimately have to retain litigation attorneys.

A business litigation generally revolves around business transactions, ownership, partnership and other disputes including; negotiations or contracts involving individuals and/or companies. The conflict often relates to contractual obligations.  When it appears that no resolution is in sight or the matter becomes contentious an tense, individuals or companies begin the process of litigation in court. Once the court is involved, resolving the matter can take much longer.



Mediation is a means that allows the resolution of a conflict without the need for costly litigation. Mediation is an opportunity to resolve a business-related disputes or disagreements in a more timely manner. Where litigation may leave one party satisfied and vindicated and another party unhappy, mediation allows the possibility of settling a dispute which concludes with both parties coming to a mutually beneficial resolution.

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