Can A Contractor File For Workers’ Comp In Orlando?

Orlando Worker’s Comp And Contractors: What You Need To Know In Florida, workers’ comp covers a contractor’s employees if the conditions of an independent contractor exist.    It is not complicated to determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor, but it can be difficult for employers, especially in construction and agriculture […]

Can I Get a Workers’ Comp Award In Case of a Personal Injury?

How Does Worker’s Comp Affect Personal Injury Claims? Workers’ compensation claim where a worker has suffered loss, the worker is only entitled to 2/3 of suffered wage loss from the employment in which they had the injury. For someone working more than one job, a worker’s compensation can result in huge income loss.  Regardless of […]

Florida Workers’ Comp Benefits In Florida

What are the Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits in Florida? Workers’ comp benefits are significant because they aim to recompense and placate workers in case of losses.  Workers comp benefits are classified into Wages Loss Benefits, Medical Benefits, and Additional Benefits in Florida; Wages Loss Benefits Where the injury stops you from working, you can […]

Workers’ Comp And Volunteers In Florida

Can Volunteers Get Workers’ Comp In Florida?  Several volunteer activities are physically demanding. People frequently donate their time and physical effort to good causes, ranging from constructing homes to serving in food pantries and delivering meals.  This means volunteers are often lifting heavy objects or engaging in repetitive motion, which can cause significant injury. Here’s […]

What Should I Do If My Employer Wants Me To Come Back to Work?

Many employees who have been hurt on the job are pressured by their employers to return to work as quickly as possible. However, your physician may not agree and they’re the ones who call the shots when determining if it’s safe or not for you to go back to work. If it is, they also […]

What Shouldn’t I Say During My Workers’ Compensation Case In Orlando, FL?

What You Should Not Say During Your Workers’ Comp Case If you were hurt on the job and are pursuing workers’ compensation benefits to cover lost wages and medical care, what you say has a bearing on how seriously your case is taken and if authorities handling your case believe you.    Here are some […]

What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim?

Hurt Or Injured At Work? If you have been hurt or injured at work, you may be able to get benefits for your hospital expenses and decreased income by submitting a workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately, the process can be complex and frustrating, which is why employees filing by themselves often make mistakes.  These common but […]

When You Lose A Job, What Happens To Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Losing Employment During  A Workers’ Comp Claim The last thing an injured employee on workers’ compensation anticipates is being laid off or fired from their workplace. It’s possible that you were let go in retaliation for filing a workers’ comp claim, which is illegal. Your boss, on the other hand, could have terminated you for […]

What Should I Do If My Doctor Thinks I’m Faking My Work Injury?

Suspicion Of Faked Workers’ Comp Injuries If you suspect the doctor treating your work injury may think you weren’t really injured at work, this can come as quite the blow. Your doctor is supposed to be helping you get better, and that can’t happen if they aren’t taking you seriously. Here’s what you can do.  […]